Shaunté Gates

Upon gazing into the depths of his artwork, one can become completely captivated and amazed at the level of artistic ability, craftsmanship, and creativity. It is extremely easy to become consumed with the detailed imagery and dark, mysterious undertones of his meaningful work. And for the DC native artist, Shaunté Gates, that is exactly the mood he is trying to evoke.

Born and bred in our nation's capital, Shaunté Gates always explored the world around him. As a child he became fascinated with recreating the simple environments surrounding him and giving them a new meaning, giving them life. In 1997, Shaunté was able to begin his lifelong dream at the popular Duke Ellington High School of the Arts. While a student, Gates' was able to get credit for doing what he loved most, expressing himself and his visions through art. In school he was a teacher- favorite, and landed an art instructor's assistant position with Duke Ellington's Summer Program. Upon graduation, he was admitted to Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland, where he studied Graphic Design. Desiring a career catered more to the artistic side, Shaunté began to pursue painting and artwork vigorously post commencement.

Shaunté Gates' amazing ability to manifest his inner most thoughts and past memories with his artwork is uncanny. Combining "the present" with reflections of his own past experiences to express his constant progression; Gates' breathes life into his subjects. His signature style of infusing strong artwork with various pieces of influential print media, such as various magazines, photos, etc., has become a fan favorite, providing a testament that Gates' has successfully mastered this method of composing collages with his strong and confident brushwork. Every piece in Shaunté's collection has a story, which is either relevant to his own life or the lives of others, which, in turn, gives the admirer a since of intimacy and a chance to delve into the mind of this magnificent painter.

Not only has he become a master at his skills, but Shaunté also has time to give back to the city that has contributed to his success. Through sharing his talent and creativity with students, Gates is able to give back to the community that has molded and cultivated his art. He began his philanthropic endeavors by donating a number of pieces to various organizations, including NCCF and Perry School CSC, where Gates worked 6 years as an art instructor to children ranging from ages 6 to 18.

To date, Shaunté has exhibited his works in various cities along the east coast. Primarily focused in the DC Metropolitan area, Gates' paintings have garnered much attention while on display at NBC's local television station, Howard University, Ellington Gallery of Duke Ellington High School of the Arts, Graham Collection, Sidwell Friends School, and Attitude Exact Art Gallery.

Shaunté Gates continues to captivate his following of art enthusiasts, and even those who are not as "art" savvy. He has given artwork a new name, sparking a sudden interest in those who are willing to submit to his intimate paintings while continuing to take his talent to new heights. One look at one of Shaunté's creations and your perception of art will never be the same.

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